BIG DIG II a Big Success!

August 17, 2010 in: General

The BIG DIG II took place July 30- AugĀ 2 and was a great success. We had about 12 people attend and lots of beautiful NH GOLD was found. Lots of diggin’ (Francis was usually up at sunrise working the waterline) and lots of rocks were moved. Here are some pix:

DSC_0597 DSC_0664 gold gold2 hole1 sluice













We are already planning a LittleDig sometime in September. It will be a one day dig somewhere off the beaten path. More details to come!

Thanks to Twin River campground for having us and providing great accommodations as well as a perfect river for prospecting!

5 Responses to BIG DIG II a Big Success!

  1. Lynn Verloove says:

    Will there be a Big Dig III? My husband and I might be interested in doing something like this.

    Lynn and Eddie Verloove

    • Jim Somers says:

      There will certainly be a BIG DIG III next summer, just not sure of the dates yet. Probably late July again. Have you ever prospected before, and if so, where and what techniques do you use?

  2. jamesrenauld1234 says:

    Hi Jim and family,
    Aniss and I will be heading up for the little dig III the weekend of the 22nd. We went to the Wild Am. last weekend and still, very good color found. I find more and more each time I get up there. so much fun and i am learning so much! we can’t wait! see you up thyere. How was the baker River?

    • Jim Somers says:

      Hey, good to hear from you. We are looking forward to BIG DIG III next week. Baker River was no so hot. Got to stick with the Wild AM for sure! Can’t wait to see everyone. When are you arriving?

  3. Heidi Somers says:

    Jim please tell Aniss if she isn’t interested in digging in the river, to help herself to a seat riverside, don’t be shy. We are planning on tarping the whole site as an insurance policy that it won’t rain. Looking forward to seeing you both.