Jim Somers: Owner, New England Guide


Jim Somers is a seasoned prospector that has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Manchester Union Leader, radio stations, Lost Treasure Magazine, and The Gold Prospectors Association of America publications. He is the Founder of American Gold Prospecting Adventures, teaches prospecting classes, runs this website, and is also President of Sonora DesignWorks, Inc.

Dan Brown: New England Guide


Dan has been prospecting in NH, ME and VT for over 8 years. He specialty is dredging and highbanking. He started the NH Gold Prospectors page on FaceBook and is an IT manager for Hewlett Packard.


Glen Robertson: Arizona Guide

Glen is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Arizona in 2009, where he took up gold prospecting as another great way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. He has been exploring and pick and shovel mining ever since. His recovery methods include panning, sluicing, dry washing, and metal detecting. Glen is an electrician by trade but is outside every moment he is not working. He also enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and anything else that doesn’t involve a roof.

Nathan Nielsen: Maine Gem Hunting Guide

Nathan started collecting fossils as a child from the creek near his home in Western New York. In 2010 he tried panning for gold in the still icy waters of Maine for the first time. After seeing a “flash in the pan” his gold adventures soon took him to finding gold in almost every New England state. Soon dredging for nuggets in Virginia,  Beach mining in Nome, Alaska and working wash plant and gold claim in Northern California were added to the list. Finding gems and minerals seemed like a natural progression, especially living in an area with a rich history of mining. Today Nate can be found out hiking to find new prospects or helping out at some private commercial mine operations.