BIG DIG IV – Gold and Grub!

What a great time we all had up in Bath NH at Big Dig IV on July 12-16. I guess we had about 30+ prospectors show up over the 5 day event. Panning, sluicing, dredging, high-banking…we had it all! And some pretty awesome AU was found.


5 Responses to BIG DIG IV – Gold and Grub!

  1. Great turnout you must be so pleased hope Heidi got enough alone time with her sisters!

  2. Alex Dadario says:

    Thanks Jim for organizing such a great event ! Great time had by all … Can’t wait till Big Dig V …. Maybe you could hold a Big Dig IV.5. ! Hahaha

  3. Rick M says:

    Big thanks to Jim, Heidi, and everyone who worked to make this such a super weekend. The hospitality, advice, and friendly chit-chat made it a really great time. Thanks, Jim for arranging such great weather! Fun dig, man…

  4. dick dewling says:

    would like go on next big dig ? if its ok.

  5. jacobpan says:

    Dick, the event is open to anyone. It is very unstructured, just a way to get a bunch of prospectors up at the river on one weekend to share stories, techniques, and have a great time finding gold!! Hope to see you there.