February 18, 2012 in: Prospecting Outings

We have finally set the dates for BIG DIG IV.
July 12-16, Bath, NH (Twin River Campground)

Be sure to get your camping reservation in SOON because sites are going fast. Also remember that this is a FREE event and that Twin River Campground does not have any information about the event (so please send you questions to me). They are nice enough to let prospectors gather at their great campground for a few days.

So bring your pans, shovels and sluices and c’mon up. You can buy equipment at the camp store if you need it.

See you in July!

3 Responses to BIG DIG IV

  1. Jerry Squires Jr says:

    Do you have to sign up or just show up at the campgrounds that weekend? I plan on being in the area that weekend but may not stay for the entire weekend. Would really like to check it out and get some info. Thanks

    • jacobpan says:

      You can just come by. You should call Twin River and ask them if you can get a day pass for prospecting, then just come and find us. We are usually down on the river or up the road at the campground’s other prospecting location. But be sure to get permission if going to either spot. Look forward to seeing you!

  2. I called on Feb 27 to make reservations and they had very few tant sites available at this point. Get on the phone if you want reservations. They ask for a 50% deposit mailed in to them by May 1st at the latest. They are very nice people!!