December journey to the Wild AM

November 25, 2009 in: Prospecting Outings, The Wild AM

I am hoping to get up to the river in the next couple weeks to try out a new spot. I will update my story here…

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  1. Mike Tami says:

    Hi Jim… nice blog. When leaving comments can you post pictures? I’m attaching a link within this post to test.. guess we’ll all see.

  2. Jim Somers says:

    Mike, you can’t embed photos, but I can put them in for you, as I did on your post above. I guess this keeps the unwanted images out! NICE GOLD by the way. Did you highbank this on your property? And what’s the scoop with Arizona? Your photos look like my favorite places on earth…like Rich Hill. Have you met Elly?

  3. Mike Tami says:

    Yes, the gold came from highbanking on the property. I have a few hot spots where the gold is concentrated.

    As for Arizona I try to get out there each year…. Stanton, Rich hill, Wickenburg, the little San Damingo wash area, Prescott / Lynx creek / the Bradshaw Mts…. all wonderful places. I’m just learning how to properly metal detect.. so I can’t say I’ve had much luck.

    My favorite place to prospect is Alaska… about 70 miles South of Anchorage down the Seward highway. The area has many claims and the local don’t take kind to claim jumpers.. so it helps to know someone. The gold is the best I’ve seen anywhere. Working a high bench area a few years ago I came home with 4 ounces for a weeks worth of work.

    I’ve been on the GPAA Alaskan trip a number of times to Nome.. great folks… nice camp… open ground to explore with an ATV, but the gold is disappointing. You really need a dredge up there. I usually stay away from the main camp and just work out of Ketchmark or Stellar.

    For the winter I have several 5 gallon buckets of dirt from the Ammonoosuc to work through… each one come’s from a different test hole.

  4. Jim Somers says:

    Never been to Alaska, but maybe someday. We love Arizona and have prospected a bit with not any luck. You really need the right equipment and locations. A good metal detector or dry washer are basic essentials. Or water!

    Hoping to get up to the river in Bath one more before the water is too cold to work in.

  5. Patti says:

    Website is great. There is a couple of gold panning places in the next county from us. If you are in California, let me know.

    • Jim Somers says:

      Sounds cool! Where in CA are you? We may be there in April, visiting in AZ and taking a road trip over the border to CA.