Dig Smart!

March 7, 2011 in: General

Someone recently send me an email about digging in the banks of the river. Even though this person is dead wrong and is jumping to conclusions based on photos, I just wanted to get something straight here. The unlawful practice of digging into the banks of any stream or river is and has been a serious problem in New England. And there are those who feel that getting a few specs of gold at the expense of the land is worth while. So remember that when you are in the river…STAY AWAY FROM THE BANKS and DIG BELOW THE HIGH WATER MARK. Don’t ruin this privilege for other who enjoy being outdoors and sharing some great time with others who share the same passion. And if you are going to dredge, be sure to get a permit first from the state.

Thanks to that misinformed individual for, in a weird and twisted way, reminding me that we all need to be aware of the regulations and to use your common sense when prospecting. If you have any doubt that you are harming the land, stop! And be safe at the same time…fill your holes and wear the right clothing when in and around the river.

One Response to Dig Smart!

  1. Julie says:

    I remember when the “film crew” showed up while we were panning! They were talking about that very thing, and the “ranger” or whatever he was was showing how we were staying away from the banks and doing it right; and he showed how someone had left a big old hole around a foot from the bank. You had mentioned to me how that was too close. I’m glad I had you to teach me the rights and wrongs – I’ve passed the same info on to others. Don’t forget about filling your holes when you’re done, too! We’ll only be allowed to continue as long as we ALL follow the rules!

    Good post, Jim – especially for those who might not yet be aware of the dangers to the environment that even small-timers like us can cause!