Displaying your Gold Nov. 26, 2008

November 24, 2009 in: Techniques

So, you have been prospecting for gold and have found some nice nuggets. What now? Well, you could sell it, but after all that hard work, it would be nice to just look at it and show it off to your friends.

A simple way to show your stuff is with a display case like this:

And each case can hold many different finds:

So don’t hide your gold. It has waited a LONG time in the river or dirt to be looked at!

Oh, and for you RUSH fans, yes, that is an autographed “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE” album cover in the background! Another great find! (actually a gift from Andy and Julie…thanks!)

Here is one from Jack for his 2003 Alaskan nugget. “I found the wood in the river and it just caught my eye as a possible display for this nugget. The fit was amazing!”
Alaska Nugget on Wood-1

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