Irene & Columbus Day Gold!

October 11, 2011 in: The Wild AM

So, Hurricane Irene sailed across the Atlantic recently and Christopher Columbus did the same thing quite a while ago. And this past weekend those two characters made for some great prospecting!

The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the gold. I spent Friday in one location at Twin River and did pretty well. Then on Saturday went up to Split Rock and started in on the clay layers there. WOW, good stuff! Before long Art & Bob joined me with their prospecting companions and we had a great day. The tourists were stopping by to take pictures of the “funny people in the river”.  Here are a couple shots:Sluicing the Wild AMPicker #2Rte. 112 under construction after Irene

The river

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  1. John Dorval says:

    That looks great Jim,the weather was perfect. My wife, son and I were in Maine for the weekend visiting family, I couldn’t believe how warm it was. We tried a little prospecting near Standish but the river was to high couldn’t get a good sample. We had gone to the Fryeburg fair on sunday and that was a great time. We followed rt 302 through the White Mountains over to rt 93 noticed the rivers were pretty torn up from Irene. I wanted to get out and do some panning but it was late and getting near dark and we had to be getting on home.