July 4th on the Baker River

July 3, 2011 in: General, Gold Locations

Heading up to the Baker River in Warren NH tomorrow. Should be there by 8am. C’mon up for some Independence Day Gold!!!!

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  1. I use to go up in that area when I was a kid, my grandmother was the prospector then, we would camp right on the river. I was up there last summer for the first time since I was about 9 years old, I am now 46. I looked for the place we use to camp I think they built houses on the property. I did some test panning by the bridge and I found some gold. Good luck I hope you find a pay streak. Are you panning or sluicing? Does your dredge permit cover the whole state? And how do you get a dredge permit for NH? Post some pics if you take any please.

  2. Jim Somers says:

    Jack, we didn’t do so well on Monday. We discovered that digging near the plants had a lot more black sand and gold (without disturbing the plants themselves). But by that time we had to head South before all the July 4th traffic. What bridge do you prospect at? We were at the overpass just before Turner Road. We were just panning…the river is much too slow there to run the sluice. Dredging permits do cover the whole state, except for WMNF and private land of course. You can get a permit here:


    I’ll post a few pics of our trip.

  3. The bridge I went to was just past Wentworth elementary school There was a pull off looks like where the fire department fills their fire trucks with water. Thanks for showing me where to get a dredge permit. Do you have any pics of the gold you found?