Little Dig II This Weekend!

It’s time to find the gold! We’ll be arriving at Twin River Campground Thursday afternoon. Please be sure to ask permission at the Campground Store to prospect on their land. We are not associated with the campground other than it’s a great place to camp and prospect. All activities are casual and not structured. We’ll probably be prospecting at the campground Thursday and Friday then moving up the river on Saturday. Look for the LITTLE DIG II signs and introduce yourself. We have quite a gathering of people heading up this weekend.



4 Responses to Little Dig II This Weekend!

  1. Jim, great meeting you and your family at the Wild Am this past weekend! Thank you so much for the time you took to show me better panning techniques (though God only knows I need more practice!) and the frequent use of your tweezers. Wish I didn’t have to leave Friday, but I’m thankful for the time I did spend there. I am bitten by the bug..AND the black flies!

    • Jim Somers says:

      Laura, it was fun to help you out a bit as well as a bunch of others. That is one of the best parts of these events…just meeting new people and helping them to have a great time. Keep practicing that panning technique!! Jim

  2. jamesrenauld1234 says:

    Hi Jim,
    It was a pleasure to have met you and your family this past weekend for the Little Dig II in Bath. Anissa and i (tent site R7) had a great time on the River even though it was cold and raining. I really don’t know exactly what i’m doing yet although i dug a 3-4 ft hold behind a boulder in the river. I’ will be panning the fine material this week. Hopefully a little something will be found.
    Thanks for all the tips from you and others at your site Sat. night and i hope to see you the weekend of July 22. Take care
    Jim Renauld

    • Jim Somers says:

      Jim, thanks so much for coming up to Bath. I am glad to hear you had a good time despite the rain. Looking forward to seeing you in July! Jim