Little Dig IV Wet & Wild!

We had a great time at Little Dig IV up in Bath NH over the weekend. There were about 15 old and new prospectors there in the wet weather looking for that elusive gold! And there was plenty to be found. Even had a reporter from NH Public Radio there to interview us! Thanks to all who attended and especially my girl Heidi for making the event so welcoming and so easy for me to spend the weekend “sitting in the river”!


7 Responses to Little Dig IV Wet & Wild!

  1. bob says:

    I was late a last outing i didnt see you which way out of the campground were you guys right or left.

  2. jacobpan says:

    We were prospecting at the campground most of the time, but headed East on 112 for a bit. The campground has a nice stretch of river up the road from the campground. You can tell it’s their land from the blue “Twin River” signs.

  3. Torri Bates says:

    I’m just getting starting on gold panning and have the fever. Would love to go on your outings and if there is a club would love to join.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  4. frank rovinski says:

    Looking to start. Prospecting/camp with my sons and cousins. Soon. Like your site. Hope to meet. And take a group class soon

  5. Ray says:

    Hi Jim,
    Just wanted to say hi. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you. I would love to come to some of your group prospecting gatherings and if possible maybe we could do some prospecting together someday. I tried the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket the same day I purchased it from you, it worked the way the video showed but only had two or three tinny pieces of gold. I would like to go someplace where there is more gold and try it again to see if it works as well as advertised on the videos, either way this setup is great for someone beginning to prospect and pan, for everything is in the bucket kit you need to start. This is also an excellent set up for going out to do some test prospecting. Also for those of you who may read this I am always on you tube watching videos and looking for new ideas. With that said I have seen three different videos showing people buying Quikrete multipurpose sand from Home Depot or Lowes, they took it home classified it down and panned it out and low and behold there was GOLD in that sand and yes I plan on trying it out sometime soon and will post here the results if possible.

    Thanks again Jim and please keep me informed if and when you have your outings.

  6. Bob says:

    Just purchased 2 pans and will feel my way around NH in the White Mtn’s region using Lincoln as my take off point. Was in Alaska a few years ago and got the fever but a little old now (almost 80) so will need equipment that is light enough for me to transport. Where is it available in the Lincoln area or through what web site?
    Thanks, Bob

    • jacobpan says:

      Bob, you can purchase prospecting equipment at the Twin River Campground camp store in Bath. They will have everything you need. Of course, they are closed for the season, but open in the spring. I don’t suppose you will be doing a lot of digging this winter. You may want to stick to the west of Mt. Moosilauke along rte 112. That is where the Wild Ammonoosuc River begins. The closer to Bath the better. You can dig in the WMNF without permission, but be sure to read up on the rules. And you need permission to dig on any private land.
      Good luck!