My First Nugget!

May 24, 2011 in: General, The Wild AM

Just pulled this beauty out of my pan! A nice 1.4g nugget from the Wild AM.

What a rush!!!

7 Responses to My First Nugget!

  1. danbrown03868 says:

    Wow, nice nugget!!! That’s the biggest one I’ve seen from the Wild AM. When did you did it up? I hope I can get some thisweekend.

    • Jim Somers says:

      Dug it up a couple weeks ago…just a few inches from the surface. Yea, I am still in shock! Good luck this weekend.

  2. prospectorjack says:

    That sure is a nice looking nugget Jim.

    • Jim Somers says:

      Thanks. I was surprised to see it of course. It has a bit of red coloring on one side…rust maybe?

  3. Great nugget Hope to run into you up there some Saturday i’m there every week.

    i also started a blog thats you helped to inspire

    i am trying to do a week by week blog of my prospecting hope you can stop in.

    • Jim Somers says:

      Jay, thanks for the post…great blog too!
      We’ll be up in Bath this weekend for Little Dig II. Hope to see you there!

  4. Matt LaCroix says:

    Great posts Jim. I am ready for spring, and to start panning again. Can you re post this picture, or let me see the size of this nugget? The picture no longer shows up. Here is how much gold I have found from the Wild Ammon so far.