New England Gold

October 27, 2011 in: Gold Locations

There is gold all over New England, pretty much every state. A good reference tool is YANKEE PLACER GOLD that can be purchased on Amazon HERE.


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  1. jim Renauld says:

    Hi Jim, It;s jim from Little Dig II and Big dig III. I live here in central Ma with Anissa whom you have also met. We had the erge to pan for gold today, drove out and about and gave central MA a shot. We drove out to Roylston MA ( old farm town with homes and town center from early 1800’s. anyways we drove down this one back road and walla! I saw the stream of streams that i wanted to try. This is a beatiful ess curved river that has lots of huge boulders resting on the inside of the ess curvers and all over. Fortunately there was a women gardening out from the nearest house to this river and we asked whose property it is and she said hers; we explained that we are new to panning and that we wanted some practice doing so and her river looked ideal for this gold panning thing. after we walked up ess curved river banks for a while on the river, this big boulder caught me eye. ( huge on inside of corner ) 10 minutes or so of digging behind this boulder, I found some color, ( just as pure as the yellow from wild am. I am so pshyched to see that there is color here in Central MA regardless of what any book around that I see reads ( only in western ma will flakes/ pickers be found so they say. We were out in the river for 1 hr 1/2 and we found some good color, needless to say it wasn’t too much but but you betcha, we’ll be back with sluice in hand and make a day of it. Thank you very much to have showed my girlfriend Anissa nd I how to spot good dig sites. We’ll see you all soon at this next outing you have planned. Thanks again Jim!

    • jacobpan says:

      Great to hear from you Jim! Sounds like a promising spot for sure. Hope to see you and Anissa up on the river this summer!!