Spring Prospecting: The Time to Dig!

February 2, 2016 in: General, The Wild AM

So winter is thinking about winding down here in New England (we all hope!) and it’s time to start making plans for Spring Prospecting. It’s always great to have a cold and snowy winter to bring all that new gold down into the rivers and streams…not so much this year, yet.

winterEither way, as the temperature starts to climb, the snow and ice melts and the water can get pretty fast and heavy at times. Be careful if you are in the river during the thaw, it can come up on you quickly! Don’t dig alone if you can avoid it and make sure someone knows where you are and when you should return.

Even during these winter months there are always spots that have not frozen solid, especially where the water is running and you can get at it. Stay away from the middle of the river just in case it let’s loose or you fall through the ice.

Good luck and may there be gold in your pan!


4 Responses to Spring Prospecting: The Time to Dig!

  1. gerald tripp says:

    look forward to digging this spring.,going to invest in a sleuse…

  2. Tim Pinsonneault Sr says:

    Do you have training day (s) where someone can learn the correct way to pan?