The Frozen North

February 6, 2012 in: New Hampshire, The Wild AM

The Wild AM is usually covered with about 3-4 feet of ice this time of the winter. But as I found last week, not the case this year. You have to search around for a good spot to break through thin ice to get at the dirt, but it’s certainly there if you search!







6 Responses to The Frozen North

  1. marshall smith says:

    A little cold for me, I’ll wait for spring,lol

  2. Pete says:

    I am a rookie prospector.I have purchased some equipment: Pans and classifier,Sluice box x2 sizes,long handle shovel,snuffer bottle,magnification glass,5 gallon bucket,insulated hip waders,large backpack. I have been out locally here a few times in the past weeks.I havent found anything yet.I dont think im digging deep enough.From what i read here the gold will drop to the lowest point it can.When the water is running hard that would be pretty deep.Today i dug down to clay,brought home my heavies to pan at home.I havent panned them out yet,will let you know.Im going to jump up and down for 5 minutes when i do actually see a flake.I have a good feeling about this hobby.With gold going up up up in value,investing and prospecting is a great idea.I also dig for old bottles and thats a great hobby as well.recently i purchased a metal detector and hope to utilize it as well in my treasure hunts. Peter Sr.

  3. Now that is a die hard prospector!!!

  4. Pete says:

    The ice has thinned significantly all over the state.The smaller streams here in central NH are wide open.The Beebe,The Baker,wide open.Get an early jump on the season!! Daily high temps in the 30s to low 40s and the February sun shining on your face,sap is running!!……I have a set of thinsulated hip waders that keep me warm enough in the water for a while.Now…just to find where that yella is.I hope we dont get a deep long term freeze this month.February is typical for sub zilch temps.

    • jacobpan says:

      Thanks for the report Pete. I used my insulated waders last trip and it really helps! Hope the ice stays away so we can get a jump on the 2012 season!

  5. junior says:

    good to here that people are finding gold in nh so as i do but always looking for someone else to go to the river with anyne interested plz give me a ring 603 481-2939- thank and good luck may u find color in your pans