Vermont Prospecting

March 6, 2012 in: Gold Locations, Vermont

Just t heads up to anyone coming up to Little Dig III in Vermont this summer.  You need a permit to sluice in VT and no dredging is allowed. Here is a link to get a sluicing permit: HERE

4 Responses to Vermont Prospecting

  1. jim Renauld says:

    Hi Jim,
    I came across this websitem pretty interesting!

  2. jim Renauld says:

    I also meant to say that the Lamoille river is on there as well 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Dont bother using there is more information at the locations work great with Google earth. The old mine locations and there history of all the mines in the USA And its free!!

    • John says:

      Joe, is so much more than just the mrds data that you link to, which is only unofficial historical data. also has the official current BLM LR2000 active and closed claim data as Google Earth overlays.