Winter Prospecting in New England? Hell yea!

January 2, 2011 in: General

Took a ride up to Bath NH today with Heidi to see if maybe there was a spot or two that the river ice would let me into some nice paydirt…and what a beautiful day it was!

The first 3 pans had color!!!


The final take…couple pickers there!!!

final-take so-far

11 Responses to Winter Prospecting in New England? Hell yea!

  1. Jim Somers says:

    So far it’s looking really good! Pulled out a really nice picker.

    I’ll post some photos as soon as I finish the 4th bucket!

    • Steve M says:

      Hi Jim,
      Nice pics. New to this site. I have metal detected and panned alot but I haven’t panned in earnest for a few years. I’m looking to get into it a little more serious this year. Never found much gold when I panned in MA. Anyway I’m looking into heading up to the Bath area this spring and any help would be appreciated. I’ve contacted the campground and am waiting to get more info from them on their rates etc. I’m looking at getting a dredge permit and was wondering if anyone here has any experience using one in that area. Trying to save up to get one this year. When does the run off generally get low enough in the spring to start up there? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Julie says:

    Woohooo!! 🙂

  3. John Dorval says:

    Hey Jim that looks really great. I am sitting here in NY with a bad case of cabin fever and I wish I could be out there doing the same thing. All I can do right now is plot and plan for next gold seaon in the spring.

  4. Dan Brown says:

    Looks nice!!!
    I went up just a few day before you on the 31st. The river was almost completly frozen over and I couldn’t get in anywere. I made a new sucker with check valves and hoses but couldn’t use it. I plan on goiing up early spring to check out the high water and look for some good spots!!


  5. Randy Archer says:

    Way to go, Jim. I used to go out New Year’s Day in Colorado with prospector friends and break through the ice to start the year off right with some sluicing and panning. That is great way to start the year.

    • Jim Somers says:

      So, where is the hot spot up in VT? Been looking at the Ottauquechee River near Woodstock…ever dug there?

  6. Jim Somers says:

    Hey, went up to Vermont to meet with a new client in Woodstock Vermont today and tried to find a spot on the Ottauquechee River to get some dirt…it wasn’t easy! Nice black sand and garnets. But breaking through the ice was a bit too much….I’ll try again in the spring!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for good digging in VT? Randy??

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