Winter Prospecting Part II

February 27, 2011 in: General

Took a trip up to Bath on Feb 18 and met up with Steve. Found a couple open spots along the shore and found some nice little pieces. We dug down on the riverbed where the clay layers are. The ice and snow had receded about 6 feet from the banks and exposed just enough of the river to pan a bit. Just had to scrape off the first inch or 2. What a beautiful day!!




final snow












The final take:





8 Responses to Winter Prospecting Part II

  1. danbrown03868 says:

    Jim, Nice pics!

    Let me know if you go up again, I’ll meet ya up there.
    I’m working on getting a dredge or highbanker for the spring. May just get a motor and pump and put something together with my sluice. If you hear of anyone selling anything let me know.


    • Jim Somers says:

      Nice! Ask around on Facebook and some of the gold prospecting boards. Some of them have classifieds. But retrofitting a sluice is not a bad idea. You can get parts all over the place, or even make them yourself! Hope to see you up on the river soon!

  2. Randy Archer says:

    Way to go, Jim. You are a hard core prospector! I like your enthusiasm!

    • Jim Somers says:

      Thanks Randy…you ain’t to shabby yourself! Really looking forward to the new season. Got to get up into VT sometime. Where do you dig up in your neck of the woods?

  3. George says:

    Some great looking pictures there!

    I am new to prospecting and live down in MA and am planning a trip up to bath maybe towards the end of march or early april. i just ordered a sluice and cant wait for the snow to melt so i can use it!

    What size is the screen in the picture? Looks small is it 1/8?

    Good luck everyone!

    • Jim Somers says:

      The classifier is 1/4″ mesh. Let us know when you plan to go up to Bath…I am sure someone will join you up there for some spring digging! Where else have you prospected?

    • madmat says:

      It’s still snowy up there. I had the “feevaa” and dragged to kids up to NH yesterday. We climbed a 5ft snow bank and walked in 2ft of snow to get to a spot. The river bank was to dangerous for the kids.

  4. George says:

    I was on a fishing vacation in Alaska a few years ago and got a chance to a little prospecting on a friends claim for an afternoon and have been hooked every since. However, I just got around to buying 2 pans and am expecting my sluice anyday now! I bought some cons this winter to get a hang of panning but now i am ready to find some wild NH gold!